Hello & Welcome,

I grew up in a small community in So. California.  In the early 60’s Diamond Bar was just a few dozen homes nestled in the hills. There was nothing to do but explore the hills and the abundant wildlife. The hills of Diamond Bar were not very challenging so we moved on to more serious backpacking in the Sierra Nevada’s. Fortunately, my path crossed with a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who was the father of one of my many high school buddies.

The Colonel mentored us as we backpacked up and down about every trail in the Sierra’s south of Lake Tahoe.  Later, when I was about 18, I started rock climbing in Joshua Tree Nat’l Monument, Tahquitz Rock in Idyllwild and in Yosemite Valley.  In those days we really didn’t care how much our packs weighed so throwing in a 35mm film camera was a no brainer.  After all, another couple of pounds in a 55 pound back didn’t matter that much.

Over the years, my love of the backcountry grew as did my commitment to capturing that beauty on film to share with my family and friends.   In time I learned the basics of photography including the technology, composition, color and light. I also became interested in seascape photography and the wonderful colors produced by a setting sun.  I continued to backpack until recently, but my knees just aren’t what they used to be.

About 6 years ago I became interested in doing portrait and headshot photography.  The challenges of learning how to light the human face and draw out natural expressions of people is endless. I am continually learning and growing as a photographer but I am thankful, blessed and amazed how the journey has gotten me to this point.  Don’t get me wrong - I will always love to shoot landscapes and seascapes, but photographing people outdoors and in the studio is very rewarding.

I am eternally thankful to the Colonel, though he is gone now, and especially to my wife Carol who is a constant source of encouragement and to all of my family and friends including Ed, Scott, Charlie, Kerry, Deanna, Steve and above all, Russell.

I hope to share with you, not only the photos, but my experiences and the challenges of learning composition, light, and color.  All the while, it is worth remembering that Masters never arrive.